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Serotonin: More than a Happy Hormone

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Have you ever noticed that you crave more hardy carbohydrate and sugar rich foods in the winter? Winter weight gain is actually influenced as a result of the production of serotonin by your body. The production of serotonin is promoted with heat and sunlight. Without these components, your body tries to compensate by using starch to [...]

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Using Food to Beat the Gloomy Days

By | November 7th, 2014|Categories: Mood & Sleep, Nutrition|

The season’s limited sunshine and cold can make some of us more prone to the blues. Maintaining a healthy diet and staying active are the best ways to help yourself through the gloomy months. If you still feel your mood is falling a bit short, certain foods can help provide your body with the building blocks [...]

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Depression in Women

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Women suffer from depression twice as much as their male counterparts. Life is full of ups and downs, but depression can make those lows seem insurmountable. Women often suffer from role strain as a result of conflicting and overwhelming responsibilities in their lives. Social pressures, however, may not be the only explanation for the higher depression [...]

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Naturopathic Corner: Get Your ZZZZZs

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Everyone requires a good solid sleep to function optimally. Some people need less than the average 8 hours without feeling drowsy while others don’t function at their peak without at least 10 hours of sleep. Ironically, many people neglect sleep in their efforts to excel at work or other activities. But, lack of sleep can not [...]

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