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Adult Acne

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Growing numbers of women are dismayed to discover their acne was not limited to high school. Yes, it might seem like a cruel joke, but it’s possible to have pimples and wrinkles at the same time. In fact, 54 percent of women over 25 experience some acne. What’s behind the rise in problem pimples? Although we [...]

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Benefits of Taking Collagen

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Collagen is a big buzz now in the world of beauty and skin care. See what the science says about the benefits of using collagen daily: Reduces Wrinkles and Slows Aging Aging causes collagen in our skin to weaken leading to visible signs of aging including wrinkles and saggy skin. Preclinical studies show that regular intake [...]

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Get Glowing Skin from the Inside Out

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Beautiful, healthy, glowing skin - is there anyone who doesn’t want that? A balanced complexion isn’t just beautiful, it can also signify the state of your health, youthfulness, even your happiness or stress level. Of course, these messages are happening on a subconscious level, but they are so pervasively accepted, that taking care of your skin [...]

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Natural Acne Treatment

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At Bronte Wellness Boutique, we focus on natural acne treatment that provide our patients with lasting results. In our last skin-focused post, we discussed all of the common causes of acne including food choices (hello, dairy and sugar!), nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances. Since the causes of acne vary from patient to patient, an individualized natural acne treatment from your Naturopathic doctor will give [...]

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Approximately 80% of North Americans have suffered with acne at some point in their lifetimes. This is important since acne is not only a vanity issue, but can also have major implications on a person’s self-esteem and mood. Studies show that 44% of patients with acne have significant anxiety and 30% are even clinically depressed. We [...]

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Beat Wrinkles with Bioidentical Hormones

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Wrinkle free skin with Bioidentical Hormones help women maintain radiant,    Hormones play a huge role in keeping your skin young and radiant. As you get closer to menopause, skin begins to age more rapidly. Estrogen plays a role in maintaining tissue collagen and keeping your tissues firm. As it declines in menopause, your skin begins [...]

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Acne Research: Acupuncture Treatment Outperforms Drug Therapy in Clearing Skin

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Acne affects 650 million people in the world; 20% of which have moderate to severe acne. Our Oakville Naturopathic Doctors want to help you heal your skin by using evidenced-based medicine and natural acne treatments. A study from the Beijing Daxing Hospital suggests that acupuncture for acne provides new hope for patients suffering from chronic [...]

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Trouble Lurking in your Deodorant

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Who wants to stink and feel sweaty all day? Fear of sweaty armpits and lack of knowledge has most people sticking with their favourite drugstore brand. There is a high concentration of lymph nodes in the armpits so what you apply topically here can get into your fluid circulatory system quickly and easily. Some questionable ingredients [...]

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You Are What You Put on Your Skin

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You may consider changing your diet if you want to boost your metabolism and lose weight, or if you have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. But, you also have to look at what you use on your body too. Just because you picked up something from the drug store, doesn’t mean that it is safe. [...]

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Your Sunscreen May Be Doing You More Harm than Good

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Each year over one million people in North America are diagnosed with skin cancer! Although being in the sun can be great for vitamin D production, too much sun can be problematic over time. Soaking up the sun exposes the skin to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, some of which is naturally reflected by the skin, but the [...]

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