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Endometriosis is a women’s health issue that is effecting more and more women. It is highly affected by hormone fluctuations throughout the menstrual cycle so the good news is that treating endometriosis naturally will balance your hormones, reduce pain and improve fertility.


Endometriosis occurs when cells from the uterine lining migrate to places outside the uterus. These cells can implant in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, outside the uterus and even in the abdomen attached to the digestive tract or bladder. Because these cells are very responsive to the hormonal changes that happen throughout a women’s cycle, these cells are activated during menstruation causing severe pain. Fertility is often impacted by endometriosis because it creates inflammation; structural changes and is often associated with hormonal imbalances.


Signs that you may have endometriosis:

  • Very painful periods or pain the week before your period
  • Pain or cramping with intercourse
  • Diarrhea at the start of menstruation
  • Pain during bowel movements and /or urination
  • Pelvic pain with intercourse
  • Infertility


The only way to diagnose endometriosis is with laparoscopic surgery.


Since endometriosis is highly influenced by hormones, assessing and regulating hormonal imbalance is very important in managing pain and treating the condition. Diet has a profound impact on reducing inflammation and regulating hormone balance. Naturopathic treatments are highly affective and can also include evaluating food intolerances, acupuncture, weight loss and stress reduction.

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